Build your health one habit at a time.


Our 4 week course introduces you to Daily Habits using Essential Oils. Each week your mission is to bring in TWO - THREE essential oil/doTERRA product based healthy habits. Our hope is that these habits give you inspiration and excitement to fully receive the benefits of using essential oils in your everyday life to live happier and healthier than ever before.



Learn the basics of using essential oils successfully.

Week 1 - Digestion

Clear skin & improve digestion as you incorporate your first 3 daily essential oil health habits.

Week 2 - Movement

Reduce pain and open your airways as you move you body by incorporating your next 2 daily essential oil health habits.

Week 3 - Stress & Sleep

Get a better night's sleep and support your mood as you incorporate your nest daily essential oil health habits.

Week 4 - Strengthen Immunity & Reduce Toxins

Strengthen your immune system and reduce yoru toxic load by incorporating your next daily essential oil health habits.

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